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Engineering Solutions

We have developed frameworks for use in Manufacturing & Process Industries: Universal Calibration Software For Manufacturing Labs and Process Industries. Using this framework, we foresee a great opportunity to bundle the solutions which include custom designed test benches, Automated Asset Management using latest technologies like RFID. The market is widespread requiring such products/solutions, wherever we have to make precise measurements (Electrical or Pneumatic Etc). We have already offered calibration test bench & calibration solutions to Petroleum refineries, power generation, electronic manufacturing, and services. We are closely working with Yokogawa (India/Singapore & Middle East) and have productized few test bench solutions for ASIAPACIFIC market.

In addition, we have offered data acquisition & control solutions to many industries: fuel cell research, energy saving device manufacturing, R&D Labs, Aeronautics, Space, Defence & Govt. Some of the framework developed by us include: SATMON (Satellite Channel Monitoring System), WiFi DAQ, DAQ Plus – all for data acquisition and control across the industries.

Our Forte includes:

  • Data Acquisition & Control
  • Functional Test Solutions
  • Test and measurement solutions
  • Instrument Calibration Workstations
  • System Integration
  • Others (Options for adding new solutions)